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Isol-8 SubStation Integra DC filter & Power Conditioning

3.500  incl. VAT 24%

Audiophile High Performance Conditioning + DC Blocking

The Substation Integra is a true high performance mains conditioning and distribution solution for a complete system. It combines all the features found in the ISOL-8 acclaimed flagship SubStation LC and HC together in one high quality chassis.

16 Ambers on High Currents plugs !

*** No mains cable included ***


Φίλτρο ρεύματος / conditioner / προστασια spikes & surges με απιστευτη ηχητική βελτίωση! Προσφέρει διεύρυνση πλάτους και βάθους σκήνης, διαχωρισμό οργάνων, ηρεμία, διαφάνει και όγκο! Αλλωστε ο ήχος ενός συστήματος είναι τόσο καθαρός όσο και το ρεύμα με το οποίο το τροφοδοτούμε!

Ισως το μοναδικο σε αυτη την τιμή ικανό να τροφοδοτησει με 16 Α ενα ολοκληρωμένο ηχητικό σύστημα!

A 20 Amp rated Neutrik latching input connector allows the 16A total capacity to be exploited with a suitable mains connection. The inlet is centrally positioned to minimise electrical and magnetic interaction between the two filter groups, which are individually protected by high quality magnetic circuit breakers.

The Isol-8 Substation Integra has two individual filter sections. There are four low to medium current outlets optimised for source components, and two high current outlets optimised for power hungry components such as amplifiers. All are served by a high capacity ISOL-8 Axis circuit which blocks any performance degrading DC present on the mains. All outputs are surge and spike protected. A custom wound choke also filters any noise present on the safety earth wiring.

The four outlets optimised for source components each have their own dedicated Transmodal filter. This prevents noise generated from each component within the system degrading the performance of another, reducing noise cross contamination between components. This phenomenon is potentially as damaging to sound and picture quality as noise attack from outside the system.

The two high current outlets are optimised for current hungry loads such as power amplifiers. The very low series resistance Transmodal topology means that high peak currents are passed effortlessly without dynamic compression, whilst still being effectively filtered.



Τεχνικά Χαρκτηριστικά

Νumber of available outlets: 6 (4 low/med current. 2 high current)

Type of outlets available:
16A European Schuko sockets ορ 15A US socket

Mains Inlet:
20A latching Neutrik powerCON (cable not supplied)

435 x 131 x 410mm (W x H x D) excluding connectors

Weight: 9.9 Kg (11.5kg boxed)

Steel chassis with black finish.
Silver Aluminum front panel and lid (Black optional)

Mains Voltage:
230VAC version for 220-240VAC
117VAC version for 100-127VAC

Maximum continuous Current:
6 Amps any one low/med power outlet
6 Amps across all low/med power outlets
16 Amps any one high power outlet
16 Amps across all high power outlets

2x rear panel circuit breaker