Audio Harmony


175 273  incl. VAT 24%

Stereo interconnect Hi-Fi

Semi-balanced High Fidelity Cable, for connecting an analogue source to an amplifier. Ideal for bringing out the acoustic performance of medium to high quality equipment. MARC 7N Copper conductor and Copper/Tellurium connectors.


Magnus Signal

The use of inappropriate cables INTERCONNECT substantially penalises substantially the quality of reproduction that we High Fidelity enthusiasts seek. If the Hi-Fi system is the bridge that connects the emotions of your passions to your senses, in the same way the cables are the bridge that carries the signal between your electroacoustics. That’s why Magnus Signal is the first step towards clean, faithful reproduction of the music you love.


Key features

The Magnus Signal cable allows you to enjoy your music to the fullest, because it carries the signal much more effectively than normal cables INTERCONNECT ( +150%). In this way your electronics can express their full potential.

  • DESIGN: Magnus Signal is the first step towards perfect signal transmission. The technological solutions derived from the Dedalus series guarantee exclusive and durable support for your equipment.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR 70% compared to OFC: 0.35 mm2 conductors made of copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface allow 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.
  • COPPER/TELLURIUM CONNECTORS 20% COMPARED TO BRASS: Copper-Tellurium alloy RCA connectors with hot expansion pole and ground ring clamping system. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 20% compared to common brass connectors. 24K gold plated with electrolysis technique.
  • SAFETY FROM INTERFERENCE: The semi-balanced geometry of this cable, supported by double shielding with OFC copper pigtail and Aluminium/Mylar foil, covers all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference. The construction with insulation and stranded conductor with crank-rod detorsion eliminates any stress on the conductors.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Thanks to the exceptional raw materials used, Magnus Signal has above-average flexibility and allows you to use it comfortably even in awkward situations.