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Audiovector Zero Compression Signature Speaker Cables (Ex-demo)

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High-end Zero Compression speaker cables from Audiovector
Conductor 9N!

Προσωρινα Εκτος Αποθεματος



Making loudspeaker cables is not black art, although some people claim so. When we started the process that ended up with our Zero cables, we had a very good idea of what we wanted to achieve.

Copper and Screen

Audiovector knew from the start that they wanted to use pure copper and some kind of quality screening. They also knew that we did not want to impair the dynamics of their speakers – on the contrary: They had a hunch that most cables work as “brakes” instead of catapulting the sound on to the speakers without delay.


Audiovector also knew that it makes good sense to use the same cable principles outside the speakers as inside. This means pure copper, a defined number of strands and also a different gauge for plus and minus. Studies into the effect of soldering versus crimping cables and plugs together revealed that crimping simply sounds a lot better. 

Zero Signature

Is an asymmetrical, reverse screened speaker cable with a great dynamic contrast, a huge soundstage and immunity to airborne distortion.

The Story

For several years, we at Audiovector, have experimented with speaker cables in order to find a better way to connect Audiovector speakers (and other brands of high quality speakers for that matter) to their amplifi ers.

Our research has brought forward a number of parameters which are often (or perhaps always?) neglected
in traditional cable design.

First of all our pure clean copper cables are asymmetrical in order to avoid internal resonance. This concept is not new to Audiovector owners: The internal cabling of their speakers have used this concept successfully for more than 10 years.

We call them ZERO compression cables. Not only do they sound totally uncompressed tonally. They are also
very, very fast with transients. This results in a far more precise and natural harmonic performance than usually. And the soundstage is wider, deeper and higher, too.

In other words: They release more information from the source than you have ever heard before.

A number of other parameters, such as the use of the best materials available for both the cable itself and for plugs and divider boxes, are implemented in the new Audiovector cables.

We have compared our cables to some of the best (and most expensive cables in the business). We ask you to do likewise!

Audiovector ZERO Avantgarde specifications:
• Concept: Asym. floating screened
• Material: 99.9999999 POC
• NCS treatment: Yes
• Lengths: (2,15) / 3.14 / 6.28 meter
• Diameter: 11 mm
• Resistance: 0.12 Ohm/m
• Capacitance: 81 pF/m
• Inductance: 0.82 uH