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Hi-End Audio Cable Speaker Shielded for Loudspeakers Hi-Fi with Noise Reduction


Dedalus Speaker MKII, doubles the Protection.

Dedalus Speaker further improves its performance with the adoption of a second shielding that brings the level of interference protection up to the level of our Top, Elite Speaker, and Reference Speaker cables. In conjunction with this upgrade, we have also improved the internal insulation and increased the R-TEC dielectrics to ensure the neutrality that has always characterised Dedalus Speaker. This upgrade, which is recognisable for products with the Mark II designation, does not result in a revolutionary new product, but does improve on its already excellent performance.

The applied shielding significantly improves the protection against EMI/RFI interference that can penetrate the cable Speaker during the delicate path from the amplifier to the loudspeakers. This feature, combined with the Noise Reduction system, guarantees an extremely high quality treatment of the audio signal.

Refined Quality.
  • PROJECT: Dedalus Speaker is a cable of substance, capable of supporting at best the signal of the amplifiers Speaker , but at the same time it is equipped with a marked control that aims at favouring a transparent and neutral listening, with every kind of acoustic speaker.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR +70%: 6.4 mm2 conductors made of Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.1 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allow 70% better audio transmission, compared to OFC Copper.and 4.3mm2 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) Copper conductors with 0.1mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, Speaker signal transmission is 70% better than OFC Copper, resulting in superior transparency, a more balanced and characterful soundstage, and precise control.
  • RNR TECHNOLOGY (RICABLE NOISE REDUCTION): Developed on the top series, the Germanium semiconductor that overlaps the conductors as a whole makes it possible to reduce background noise and hiss generated by the audio media. With this system, the sound is more detailed and brighter, while maintaining a natural and balanced timbre.
  • SIGNAL CARE: Dedalus Speaker MKII is made with twisted geometry, employing R-TEC dielectrics and insulators. The shielding is double, to guarantee protection from interference on all audio frequencies.



L’ Innovation merges with the tradition.



  • NEW CONCEPTION: Dedalus Speaker MKII is made with geometry that derives from the superior series and takes up its philosophy of audio signal transmission, to guarantee performance that is decidedly superior to standard cables.
  • COPPER/TELLURIUM CONNECTORS 25% compared to BRASS: Oversized BFA Banana connectors made of Copper-Tellurium Monobloc which improves the electrical characteristics by more than 25% compared to Brass bananas. 24K Gold plated with specific electrolysis technique.

Technical specifications



50 pF/m


3.4 Ω/km

RMS watts supported

650 W RMS Max

External diameter

Ø 16 mm

Conductor Section

6.4 mm²

Structure Conductors

750 wires per conductor

Strand diameter

0.10 mm

Material Conductors

MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%.


Twisted conductors

Dielectric Insulator

Technopolymer R-TEC

Internal shielding

Mylar and Aluminium

External shielding

Tinned OFC Copper Braid

External Protection

High density sheathing with Polyethylene/Nylon overbraid

Connector material

Alloy Copper Tellurium


24 K Gold Plated

Features Connectors

Professional BFA Banana with reinforcement plug, 24 K Gold Plated Copper/Tellurium Alloy Body, Gold Plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique, Electromagnetic Shell

Special features

RNR – Germanium Noise Reduction System


Ricable Speaker is a handmade product in Italy and in addition to guaranteeing a much higher level of care than industrial cables, it can be customised to suit your needs, for example:

  • spades instead of bananas (on one or both sides)
  • Making tips directly from the conductor for old spring connections
  • Customisable length according to requirements
  • A different colour coating can be requested for aesthetic reasons

Buyer's Reviews

2 reviews for DEDALUS SPEAKER MKII – Hi-End Audio Cable Speaker Shielded for Loudspeakers Hi-Fi with Noise Reduction


I am not an audiophile nor an electronic engineer …. but I think it is appropriate to tell my experience Ricable!! Ricable has definitely changed my home audio stage. I first bought Speaker cables to replace the old ones, buying Magnus first where I got a definite improvement and then moving on to the Dedalus series .
… the latter product that gave even more harmony to the sound produced by my 2-way floorstanding speakers. Given the significant change for the better, I also replaced the standard Netzkabelwith a Dedalus…what has changed? A lot!…from my point of view, the mid and high frequencies have gained and the music seems more spatial.
Congratulations Ricable…compliments made in Italy.
A compliment also to the staff of the company always available and courteous as well as professional.


maurizio ciaralli (verified owner)

A superlative cable I never thought I’d see it so big and concrete. luxury finishes. but when it was put in place what to say even at low volume I immediately noticed the difference. nice full-bodied detail. the more you listen and the more you enjoy the music you discover details previously obscured. congratulations beautiful product.