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Ricable Primus Speaker MKII

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PRIMUS SPEAKER MKII – Audio Cable Speaker for Loudspeakers Hi-Fi

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Primus Speaker MKII now shielded.

Primus Speaker changes skin and in conjunction with an aesthetic restyling, is further improved with the insertion of a shield in Aluminium/Mylar before the outer sheath. This further upgrade, which is recognisable for products with the Mark II appellation, does not result in a revolutionary or new product, but does improve its already excellent performance.

Ricable Speaker is a handmade product in Italy and in addition to guaranteeing a much higher level of care than industrial cables, it can be customised to suit your needs, for example:

  • spades instead of bananas (on one or both sides)
  • Making tips directly from the conductor for old spring connections
  • Customisable length according to requirements
  • A different colour coating can be requested for aesthetic reasons
In the footsteps of the Best.
  • MARC CONDUCTOR +70%: Thanks to 3.1 mm2 Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors with 0.12 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, signal transmission Speaker is 70% better than with Copper OFC and this results in superior transparency, a more balanced and characterful soundstage and precise control.
  • GEOMETRY: Twisted with 340 wires per PE insulated conductor. Extra flexible outer sheath with protective braid. Reduced inductance benefits the listening experience. Solderless contacts guarantee the purest possible contact.

    INSULATION: Isolation from sources of interference is provided by Mylar and Aluminium shielding, Polyethylene dielectrics and a thick sheath that protects the cable from mechanical stress and weathering.

  • CONNECTORS: The connectors are BFA Banana gold plated and have 50% higher mechanical contact capability, compared to stripped cable or standard bananas.
Primus Speaker MKII
Primus Physiophysics .

The Primus series was created with the precise aim of drawing on our experience in the creation of excellent products, to provide anyone with truly adequate cables, even for Hi-Fi systems of lesser technical standing. In this way you will make your system sound at its best with high level cables, handmade in Italy and entering the world of Hi-Fi.

In order to achieve this, we have optimised some of the production processes of the top series Magnus, we have selected materials that allow a more economical production, while at the same time offering decidedly superior performance, compared to the basic cables that the market offers for Entry Level systems.

With Primus, you will make your first contact with the craftsmanship that distinguishes Ricable, and you will also discover, when your needs increase, that we have arranged for you to easily upgrade to the higher levels of our production with a specific upgrade system for Primus.

Ricable Primus wants to bring a touch of class, performance and exclusivity to your passion. Welcome to the World Ricable!


Technical specifications


75 pF/m


3.8 Ω/km

RMS watts supported

350 W RMS Max

External diameter

Ø 13 mm

Conductor Section

3.1 mm²

Structure Conductors

400 wires per conductor

Strand diameter

0.10 mm

Material Conductors

MARC Pure Copper 7N 99.99999%.


Twisted conductors

Dielectric Insulator


External shielding

Mylar + Aluminium

External Protection

Oversized PVC sheath + Nylon braid


24 K Gold Plated

Features Connectors

Professional BFA Banana, 24 K Gold Plated Alloy Body, Electromagnetic Shell


Buyer's Reviews

4 reviews for PRIMUS SPEAKER MKII – Audio Cable Speaker for Loudspeakers Hi-Fi

Giulio Martelli

Primus Speaker 3m Cable Review

Foreword: As a high fidelity enthusiast I decided to buy the Primus Speaker for use in the Hometheater domain with the Wharfedale Diamond front speakers. Compared to the cheap stripped cables I continue to use for the surround speakers the soundtrack performance seems to me to be finally up to scratch and exciting.
I could end the review here…

In my HiFi system I have the reference cable Invictus Speaker that connects the McIntosh MC275 power amp to the Duevel Bella Luna Diamond omnidirectional loudspeakers; without saying too much, the scene recreated by the loudspeakers is as close as possible to the live event and thanks to the use of the cables invictus the music, always detailed, is as if detached from the voices that remain sharp.
So I tried to insert the Primus cable in the system instead of the Invicus and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance: if at the level of detail and size of the soundstage I noticed differences, I liked the Primus cable very much for its overall performance with no weak points that I could expect such as the bass response etc..
Congratulations indeed for the quality offered at this price!

maurizio.wiky (verified owner)

arrived in 24 hours.very fast.what can I say!!!!! the workmanship is excellent as all the beautiful Italian I connect them and go listening!!!!!!! brava ricable you are a pride.certainly well sounding in addition to the beauty and workmanship

maurizio.wiky (verified owner)

new review after connection!!!!!! connected to integrated amplifier primare i22 and speakers monitor audio silver 200.first impressions….treble defined and clearer in speech with bass present but very controlled.a noticeable improvement valuable.bravi ricable.grazie mille

sephirote (verified owner)

Here’s my take on Ricable: I’ll say that until now I’ve been using low profile cables for sources and stripped cables for speakers.
I bought Primus Speaker and Primus Signal, and connected them to my new Yamaha A-S2200 integrated amplifier and Yamaha CD-S2100 SACD.
As soon as the CD started playing, I felt like I was entering a new dimension, experiencing the music for myself. Well defined high and low tones, a satisfying and never distorted music scene. Details and musical timbres that I didn’t hear before, now come to life and enhance everything.
I am really satisfied with these cables, and we are talking about the basic model, if you can call it that. I highly recommend them, you won’t regret it. Thanks Ricable!!!!!