Audio Harmony

Audiovector SR 1 Super Wireless Active (Demo)

1.500  incl. VAT 24%

Everything you ever dreamed about – built into your speakers. Enjoy true High End Quality, Musicality, and Resolution from any source imaginable.

Ενεργο με διπλοενισχυση 70 watt rms για καθε μεγάφωνο! Ειδικο ψηφιακό καλωδιο (digital) μεταφερει σημα και ρευμα (24 vοlt) οποτε δεν χρειαζεται ουτε καλωδιο ηχειων ουτε καποιο εξτρα καλωδιο ρευματος για να παίξει τέλεια. Παραδιδεται με ειδικο hub / controller που περιέχει Analog to Digital Converter για να συνδεσετε οποιαδηποτε αναλογικη πηγη και εχει και εξοδο για sub! Επισης Συνδεεται μεσω high resolution Bluetooth με οποιοδηποτε κινητο η tablet!

Our Demo unit 3 years old like new! Stand is sold separately.

50% προκαταβολή (deposit) & το υπολοιπο σε 24 άτοκες δόσεις! (rest in 24 interest free installments!)

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Imagine being able to play music in high-end quality without having to rely on any other form of electronics, other than your actual source. Imagine simply using your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, server, CD player or laptop – whichever source is at hand. That is total freedom combined with exceptional sound quality.

The Audiovector SR-series are available in either the traditional passive versions or with our easy to use Audiovector Discreet Technology built-in from the start. An easy upgrade from passive to Active Discreet is also available. The choice is, as always, completely yours.

You can either stream wirelessly to the Discreet versions of Audiovector’s speakers, or you can connect other sources directly to the DISCREET hub.
As if that wasn’t enough, you can even connect your turntable via the built-in
analogue to digital converter. Wireless streaming can be utilised either through the latest hi-end Bluetooth technology or via Airplay through an external Airport Express.

Our newly developed ADAC-technology (Audiovector Discreet Active Concept) represents our most advanced digital technology offering yet. No distortion, no jitter, no noise. Our Discreet amplifiers will be available for a wide range of Audiovector speakers – either built-in from the start or as an upgrade to your existing Audiovector speakers.

This high-end audio solution requires nothing but a phone, tablet or a laptop, but your turntable and other sources can also be connected easily. And, of course, a pair of Audiovector Discreet speakers.

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