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Integrated amplifier with 2 x 175 W (A 3.2) · Numerous connections for analog and digital components · Upgrade options for up to 3 EVOLUTION expansion cards: Phono, DAC, FM Tuner · Headphone output · Incl. RC 3 full aluminum remote control

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The A 3.2 and PA 3.2 at a glance
Premium musical quality, design as a true synthesis of elegance and functionality and intuitive handling are our benchmarks when creating hi-fi components. The perfect finish of the aluminum case expressly underlines the tonal quality of the built-in electronic circuitry.

The A 3.2 is a very versatile integrated amplifier while the PA 3.2 is a flexible preamplifier. Both audiophile masterpieces share core values with its sister models A 5.2 and PA 5.2: 5 line inputs, a front input and 3 slots for the optional plug-in modules connect it to any source.

Poweramps can be connected via RCA Cinch. Active subwoofer may connect to the processor in/out. Comfortable menu functions allow an individual configuration of the A 3.2 according to your personal likings (input names, sensitivity) etc.). The sophisticated handling concept makes it easy to use. This way the A 3.2 will provide pure, long lasting joy of listening at all times.


The AVM Evolution A 3.2 amplifier is an excellent, versatile hi-fi amplifiercomponentat high-end level! ThatHousingof the Evolution AVM A 3.2 consists of solid aluminum parts. Power is supplied by a hum-free, highly efficient switching power supply. All input and output sockets have surface-refined contact surfaces for reasons of high contact reliability and durability. Epoxy resin printed circuit boards with, if necessary, a double-thick copper layer and the use of branded components of selected quality ensure that you will enjoy the AVM component for a long time. The AVM Evolution A 3.2 in bullet points 5 high level inputs (1stXLR), 1 processor in/out, 2 preamp outputs (RCAand XLR) Headphone connection, can also be used as a front input 3 slots for extension modules : phono-module (MM and MC), FMtuner module (FM RDS),

USB DACmodule with 192kHz/24bitupsampling (USB, SPDIF optical and coax), works without driver installation highly efficientpower amplifierswith 175 W/channel low straypower adapter, minimum stand-by consumption tone control and parametricloudnesswith bypass function Large, blue luminous graphic display, dimmable Full metal remote control included External control via RS 232, connection for externalIR-Recipient Extensive menu functions (customizableinput sensitivity, individual input designation and much more) Extensive adjustment options make the A 3.2 a comfortable master of sound. This allows music in allvolume levelsexperience: from quiet chamber music to rock concerts at original volume Like all components from the Evolution series, the A3.2 impresses with its design, which has been reduced to the essentials, and plays at the very highest level in terms of sound . All functions can be operated intuitively , while extensive setting options are available (input sensitivity, input names and much more). The perfectly finished housing is joined without any visible screw connections. A massive, shapely aluminum remote control is included. The A3.2 offers many connection and control options: The headphone connection can alternatively be used as a front input for external players. Three digital inputs (RCA, optical, driverless USB connection (option)). Customizable phono MM/MC input (option).RS232control , connection for external IR sensor and much more. The built-in amplifiers effortlessly operate even impedance-critical loudspeakers at all volume levels.