Audio Harmony

Sonitus Decosorber Natur Dot

299  incl. VAT 24%

Decosorber Natur absorbers are specially designed for mid frequency absorption. They are made from highest quality polyester foam (USAP), coated with a black velvet layer and covered with a 4mm Poplar plywood plate. Set of Six (6)


Decosorber Natur absorbers are absorbing & diffusing mid frequencies through the use of a covered a 4mm Poplar plywood plate  which is available in different designs and colors with a semi gloss finish and which is acting as Helmholtz resonator tuned in a specific frequency range.  Because of the natural wood and its grains, every panel is unique in its look, giving your space a warm ambience.

All panels from the Decosorber Natur series are delivered with a straight foam cut, but on demand they can be produced with a 45 degree cut to be suitable for mounting into corners.

Advantages of straight cut:

  • Gives more stability to the product (no , or just a little banding of the front plate) and more secure to damages during transport
  • Better absorption performance
  • Easier to attach the magnetic system