SwissCables Reference Power (Demo)

Our Ex- inhouse demo unit!

A statement of cable design – dramatic enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio and reduction in sonic artifacts profound improvement in soundstage depth, definition, transparency and signal fidelity!

PS. Slightly peeled off labels, condition 8/10.



swisscables – fully handmade in Switzerland

3 ranges: evolution – reference – reference plus

Elements that all three ranges have in common

The successfulness we achieved so far with swisscables is thanks to the following facts:

  1. we use only first-grade materials and all our cables are fully handmade in Switzerland
  2. swisscables have all UP OCC solid core conductors of special copper alloy
  3. we wrap the wire in a light natural fibre which weights approximately 2 g per meter
  4. the implemented geometry is adapted to the required length of the cable
  5. the wire network is introduced into a flexible tube and around this natural  bre is solely air (air-dielectric!)
  6. we use wood as resonator for our connectors

Characteristic features of the different ranges are the dimensions with the corresponding geometry and the different connectors which lead to more energy and let you experience the soundstage again more intensively.

The evolution cable design brings

  • a perfect natural sound with unmatched purity
  • groundbreaking in price-quality


  • dramatic enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio
  • reduction in sonic artifacts
  • profound improvement in soundstage depth, definition, transparency and signal fidelity

Reference plus (loudspeaker cables, power cords)
More of everything!

  • more powerful and better contoured reproduction of bass
  • clarity to mid-range
  • the portrayal of the musicians in the sound field is better outlined, more holographic and precisely focused
  • more transparent and detailed sound

The wooden corpus of an acoustic guitar, a contrabass are now distinctly audible. The same you may sense with classical instruments like a violin, a cello or even a piano. You will punctiliously sense the material of which the instrument is made.

For the brand new reference plus Interconnect cables (IC direct, IC protect, IC balanced and IC digital) we designed a special treatment for the wire. A very time-consuming method but incredibly effective! The network production can only start six weeks after this treatment.

The new conductor technology produces a magical quiet music reproduction where the whole field of frequency can be heard completely stressless:

  • more dynamic, more transparent and remarkably subtile in high frequency
  • fascinating reproduction of voices
  • more power in bass: deeper, sonorous sound

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Additional information

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Sales Terms

Price for speakers are per pair, except when is declared per unit. All other items price is per piece, except in bulk cables, which is per meter and for some acoustic panels which is usually per set. (set of three, four, six, etc pieces)

Manufacturer’s Warranty is two years for all new items, except otherwise noted, covering production faults, not misuse by end user, i.e or due to thermal shocks, electricity power spikes or short circuit, water leakage, spill over, etc.

Warranty claims will be validated checked in person or through video meeting by seller’s authorized personnel.

Seller can repair or exchange or replace malfunctioned product under warranty at his discretion

Shipping costs are buyers responsibility.

Products travel/shipped insured on behalf and at cost with responsibility of the customer / buyer.

Please allow 2 – 3 business days for dispatching after payment has been  cleared.

All sales on special discounts  – offers in new / used / demo products or special orders / backorders are final.  Buyers have thoroughly reviewed items by close photos or videos showing equipment working! No Returns accepted, Refunds provided.   A RAN (Return Authorization Number) is required and will be provided in just cause from the seller for any Dead On Arrival (DOA) or Warranty claims.